8.3700.1332.0360-Bộ mã hóa-Kubler

Bộ mã hóa Kubler Viet Nam 8.3700.1332.0360 


The incremental economy encoders type 3700 / 3720 with optical
sensor technology are a particularly compact and economical
The carbon-fibre reinforced plastic housing of these incremental
encoders is, nevertheless, extremely robust and resistant.

5 6.5 5.8 7.5
Mounting advice
The flanges and shafts of the encoder and drive
should not both be rigidly coupled together at
the same time! We recommend the use of suitable
couplings (see Accessories section).
1) For versions with push-pull output and
supply voltage >15 V DC: max. 55°C
2) If supply voltage correctly applied.
3) Only one channel allowed to be shorted-out:
If UB = 5 V short circuit to channel, 0 V, or +UB is permitted.
If UB = 5 … 30 V short circuit to channel or 0 V is permitted.
4) Max. recommended cable length 30 m
Adapting flange Type A

Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.3700.1332.0360 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.3700.1332.0100 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối DR8X8D18L25 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.3700.1334.0360 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.0000.3542.0010 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.3700.1348.1000 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.3700.1332.0500 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối DT8X8D26L46 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối DB6X6D23L32 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối DB8X8D23L32 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối BF6X6D25L34 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối BF8X8D25L34 (BF6X8D25L34) Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối DR6X8D18L25 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối 30093C591054 Kubler
Coupling Khớp nối BF6X8D25L34 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.5820.1620.0001.4106 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.5020.2151.1000 Kubler
Encoder Bộ mã hóa 8.3700.1332.1000 Kubler

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