Italsensor Vietnam – Đại Lý Italsensor tại Vietnam

Italsensor Vietnam – Đại Lý Italsensor tại Vietnam

Italsensor Vietnam – Đại Lý Italsensor tại Vietnam

ITALSENSOR SRL based its activity on consolidated and remarkable experience of historical italian brand TEKEL INSTRUMENTS.

Founded in 1976 Tekel Instruments S.r.l., began its activity by designing and producing of Inductive proximity sensors gaining

experience in the field the industrial automation and measuring instruments. Following rapid technological progress a wide range

of electronic instrumentations, data electronics automation had been added to the sensor’s line.

Tekel was one of the first Italian companies started manufacturing of incremental encoders and, consequently, single-turn and

multi-turn absolute encoders in various executions, quickly becoming one of the leading company and point of reference in

industrial automation.

Founded in 2009 ITALSENSOR SRL continuers work started by TEKEL and specialized in developing and manufacturing of wide

range of angular and rotary encoders, from standard to completely customized version widely applied all over the world in various

fields of industry such as textile, packaging, printing & paper, woodworking, plastic, medical, energy, building, military etc.

In collaboration with Department of Robotics of the Polytechnic of Turin, Company is focused on continual improvement of its

range of products offering the best solutions based on expectations of customers and ensuring outstanding reliability and long

service life of products.

Continuously investing in research and development ITALSENSOR SRL offers customized solutions from initial project planning and development to the completed product for different applications as well for toughest environment conditions, such as high shock and vibration, temperature fluctuations, wet and dirty operations etc, and has developed numerous successful solutions for different customers based on their specific requirements.

Well-known at the domestic market, ITALSENSOR has strong international orientation, exporting their products to more than 50 countries all over the world. Working over minutes company continues to strive for perfection developing superior quality products and providing customers with high level service and the most effective solutions in industrial automation.

ITALSENSOR/ TEKEL Product ranges:

  • Incremental encoders
  • Absolute encoders
  • Special encoders
  • Encoder Accessories
  • Proximity sensors


ANS là đại lý Italsensor tại Vietnam.

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